1. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy
    • With less than 48 hour cancellation or no-show, the patient is responsible for paying the full cost of the visit
    • The fee must be payed prior to any further appointments being scheduled
    • No-shows or less than 48 hour cancellations for initial appointments may not be rescheduled and only at the doctor’s discretion.
    • No-shows or cancellations may lead to termination of treatment at the doctor’s discretion
  2. Payment of co-pays, fees, or deductibles is due at the time of each visit.
    • Returned checks are subject to the initial cost plus any bank fees
  3. Appointments must be kept in order to receive medication refills.
  4. Paperwork, letters, or forms needing completion must be brought in and discussed with the doctor 2 weeks prior to their due date.